About Us

We are a team of professionals, everyone with different skills in many areas of expertise. The team was created in 1997, and we had some ups and downs. Since then our team has evolved, and we are acting now in many different countries across the globe.

From 2012 we have moved to TOR ( Dark Web ), and we have ceased all psychical contact with our buyers due to very high risk of exposure. About two years ago we started “Buy Fake Documents” on normal internet, and we have pleased a lot of customers.

Over the last 2 decades we have made relations in many countries from almost all levels of governmental institution ( embassies, different government institutions. Interior or exterior ministries ) to bring you today what is mostly impossible. More than that, we are using only cutting edge technologies when producing all the documents/products.

We are now a most sought after team that can provide seroiusity, privacy and confidentiality, and above all that, professionalism. Every new client that appeal us is treated equally as being the most valuable client of “Buy Fake Documents”.

Regardless of what you need from us, we will work around the clock to provide everything in time and with a A+ quality ( there is no one that can make the difference from our Real Passport registered into database and the one that is emitted by that specific authority ).

You might have noticed that our prices are a little higher than what you find on internet, but let me tell you one thing, we are selling something that is exactly as described and not dreams and stories.

As last words, DO NOT ASK for our physical locations, DO NOT ASK to meet any of our team members in person, after all you are here to get a document/product and not to make friends or waste your time or ours.

All out,
Buy Fake Documents Team