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Here at “Buy Fake Documents” we can issue you, your most needed documents like Real German ID, professionally made and in no time.

If you have come this far then you are looking to change your identity by buying a Real German ID card.

Our team is the best around and can provide seriosity, privacy and anonymity.

We use cutting edge technologies to produce Real German ID card like:

  • OVI (optically variable ink)
  • OVD (optically variable device)
  • Watermarks
  • Substrate
  • Yellow and red fluorescent planchettes
  • Security thread fluoresces blue/white/red
  • iridescent ink
  • Iridescent coating printing
  • Microprint
  • UV printing
  • Laminate paper

It will have a 6 years validity ( under 24 yrs old ) and 10 years validity ( above 24 yrs old ).

From November 2010 the data on RFID chip contains fingerprints (optional).

When you purchase a Real German ID card from us, at Order page you will have to fill some data that is required, by us, to get you into German database system by our contact at the local German Registration Office.

A unique Tax Identification Numbers ( TIN ) will be emitted, assigned to you and introduced into German Federal Central Tax Office.

This can be used in any circumstances and without hesitation since it will be exactly a Real German ID.

Every Machine reading will approve your new Identity.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by Live Chat, email [email protected] or by WhatsApp +44 7424 699287.

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